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Noel Gallagher FINALLY says ‘yes’ to an Oasis reunion with his brother Liam after they split 15 years ago

Noel Gallagher has finally said “yes” to an Oasis reunion with his brother Liam after they split 15 years ago.

However, fans will be disappointed to know that the nineties rockers will not be performing together in a traditional sense.

Instead, if the duo do reunite it will be in holographic form.

Noel revealed he was blown away by the quality of the Abba Voyage show in London which uses holographs of the band.

Abba Voyage recreated Abba in their 1970s prime, playing hits like Waterloo, Mamma Mia and Lay All Your Love On Me.

When asked about the possibility of an Oasis hologram show while speaking to Matt Morgan on his latest podcast, the 54-year-old said yes.

Noel told the host: “I was very impressed by it, to be honest but yeah, if anybody wants to do an Oasis one, give us a shout. I would be bang up for it.”

“Id say ‘great’, speak to that guy over there and then come up with a figure and then he’ll relay it to me and I’ll say either yes or no.”

Noel’s surprising comment comes just weeks after his brother Liam shut down rumours that Oasis would ever reunite.

The singer, who appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show in March revealed he hasn’t spoken to his brother Noel “for 10 years.”

Quizzed by Jonathan about a possible reunion, Liam said: “I haven’t spoken to him for about 10 years, 2009 I think.”

Last year, Liam teased an Oasis reunion as he reached out to his older brother for a “cuddle,” and declared: “Oasis till I die.”

He wrote: “Listen I love Rkid he’s going through a lot of shizzle at the moment and it’ll work itself out he knows where I am if he needs a cuddle n a hug Oasis till I die LG x”


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