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Brad McClelland admits he was annoyed by ‘stupid question’ during Love Island reunion

Brad McClelland has admitted he was annoyed by a “stupid question” during the Love Island reunion.

Earlier this month, this year’s contestants got together for the first time since leaving the villa, and chatted to host Laura Whitmore about their time on the show.

The reunion show featured plenty of awkward moments, including a very weird interaction between Brad, Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis.


The three Islanders were sitting next to each other when Laura asked Brad how he felt when Lucinda struck up a romance with Aaron after he left the show.

Brad then shocked viewers by replying: “Yeah I loved it, it turned me on!”

The 26-year-old has since explained why he answered the way he did.

Speaking to OK! magazine, he said: “The reason I answered the way I did, is because every single interview I did upon leaving asked me ‘how did seeing Lucinda with Aaron make you feel?'”

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“I’m sick of answering that question, I’m sure the public are sick of hearing us answer that question, so I thought ‘d’ya know what? Screw this, I’ll come up with a daft question!'”

“Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!” he quipped.

“I just think the questions that were asked, they’ve already been asked, I don’t think there was any question that threw anyone really.”

“I’ve done Q&As about me and Lucinda when I first came out, [and was asked] that exact question about how I felt about her and Aaron,” he explained.

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“I’ve said I wasn’t too fussed about it, blah blah blah and I was like look, I’m bored of answering that question so I’ll just say something daft!”

“Of course it didn’t turn us on, it was two people kissing on TV, I dunno it might turn someone on, but definitely not me!”

Brad also insisted there’s “no awkwardness” between anyone from the show.

“There is actually no awkwardness between anyone, definitely not me and Lucinda,” he said. “Just cause we’re not involved romantically doesn’t meant we’re not friends!”

Brad McClelland | ©ITV Plc

“I just think everyone thinks it’s awkward, but it’s not. By the time the reunion came round, any awkwardness had been ironed out, me and Lucinda’s craic, that was ironed out then, no one has any hard feelings against each other.”

“We all knew when we walked in [what would be discussed that evening on the show], we were all sat together before it started, so all the gossip had already been spoken about. [in the run-up to 9pm].”

Brad wasn’t the only Love Island star that was unimpressed with the reunion.

Georgia Townend branded it “boring” on social media, and Shannon Singh said it was a “f***ing waste” of her time.


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