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Amber Gill opens up about plastic surgery and gaining body confidence

"If you’ve got something you’re really unhappy about...then just get it done"


Amber Gill has opened up about how she has become so body confident.

The Love Island winner explained that she sees people’s differences as their strengths – and that loving yourself comes from accepting your body as it is.

“You’ve just got to love yourself,” she told OK! magazine.

Picture: Brian McEvoy

“I think everyone’s very different and very unique and you’ve just got to use that as your strength and power.”

“Everyone’s so different so you can’t compare yourself to anybody else but it does take a while.”

“You can’t just be dead confident straight away, it doesn’t work like that. I just so happen to be that way already but just don’t be too harsh on yourself.”

Amber Gill

The star explained that she definitely isn’t against plastic surgery, but currently doesn’t have any plans to go under the knife.

“I’m not unhappy with anything so I’d rather just keep it the way that I am,” she continued.

“I’ve never really thought about surgery but I’m definitely not against it. It depends, if you’ve got something you’re really unhappy about and it’s making you self conscious then just get it done.”

“I’m not against it, it’s people’s right to do what they want with their own body and it’s not for anybody else to say anything about it. But I haven’t thought about it.”

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