Social media star The Fat Jew reveals he prank called BONO during wild sleepover with Madonna

This is SO random


Social media star The Fat Jew, real name Josh Ostrovsky, has revealed that Madonna let him prank call Irish rocker Bono during a wild sleepover at her house.

The 37-year-old befriended the legendary singer when he filmed an ad for her MDNA skincare line.

Speaking to MailOnline, the Instagram star said, “Madonna literally gives no f***s. When you are that famous, you would think you would become a cyborg from outer space but were immediate best friends.”


“We had a sleepover at her house. She let me prank called celebrities on her cellphone. That’s f***ing nuts. People don’t realise how cool she is.”

“She let me prank call Bono which was cool. He does a lot of amazing stuff. I asked him if he showers with his purple glasses on. And does he f*** with the purple glasses on?”

“I had a lot of questions that I needed to ask and I couldn’t believe that she allowed me to do this s**t,” he said.

During their wild sleepover, they also did face masks together, and in a strange turn of events – they watched WHALE porn.

He continued: “I really thought Madonna would be intimidating because she’s mothaf***ing Madonna, but we immediately started talking about wild s***.”

“We were watching f***ed up internet videos, of guys having sex with the blow holes of beached whales. All kinds of s***. I don’t think she’s necessarily into that s***, but she said ‘let’s watch weird internet videos’ [and we ended up watching that].”

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