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Baz Ashmawy hits out at people who Snapchat while driving


Baz Ashmawy has warned people against Snapchatting while driving.

The TV presenter, who is an avid user of the social media app, has spoken out against people who use their phone on the road.

“It’s lethal to snapchat and drive,” Baz said. “It’s a stupid thing to do.”

“If you want to snapchat park your car and then snap. It’s incredibly dangerous to be on snapchat while driving. You have to concentrate while driving.

Lethal: Baz has hit out at people who Snapchat while driving | BRIAN MCEVOY

“There’s nothing so important that you have to snap about it while driving,” he said, according to Evoke.ie.

We’re sure Baz’s thoughts on Snapchatting while driving will be brought up as a topic on his new radio show for RTÉ Radio One.

The show is called The Baz Thing, and will be airing on Wednesday nights for the next two months.

An insider told The Irish Independent that “nothing is off limits” on the new show, and that “The show will be challenging, entertaining and thought-provoking.”

On The Baz Thing, the host will talk to a new person every week and he will be talking about a broad range of issues, from parenting to relationships.