Home Beauty A huge amount of Irish women use washing detergent to remove tan

A huge amount of Irish women use washing detergent to remove tan

Here's a safer way to get the job done:

Whether it’s stuck to your wrists, ankles or knuckles, sometimes your faux glow can linger long after your need for a tan.

There are plenty of ways to remove stubborn fake tan, but one method in particular should definitely be left in the laundry room.

In a recent study conducted by Cocoa Brown, it revealed that 50 percent of Irish women are removing their tan with washing detergent.

Marissa Carter
Picture: Miki Barlok

Using harsh products designed for domestic cleaning on your skin definitely isn’t a good idea, and there are many skin-safe, specially formulated options to go for before reaching for the non-bio.

Cocoa Brown Founder, CEO and tanning expert Marissa Carter says: ”If you’re a regular, self-confessed tanning addict who can’t go a day without a bit of colour, then it’s actually so important that you are removing your old tan before applying your new one.”

The tanning mogul formulated a tan remover specially for stubborn spots – the Cocoa Brown Fresh Start Tan Eraser.

The foaming product promises to remove all traces of tan, so you can rest assured that your reapplication isn’t going to apply streaky or patchy.

“There’s no need for washing detergent anymore or any harsh products on the skin,” Marissa continued.

In the same poll conducted by the brand, it discovered that most Irish women like to tan from head to toe, with 71.3 percent admitting to wearing tan daily as a confidence booster.

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