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EXCLUSIVE! John Carney opens up on Bono's Sing Street praise

John Carney has revealed his delight after Bono raved about his latest film Sing Street.

The U2 frontman sang Sing Street’s praises by saying, “Most films you’ll see this year won’t touch it”, and John revealed to that he couldn’t be happier with Bono’s approval.

“That is a really great seal of approval from himself,” he gushed.


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Big fan: Bono sung Sing Street’s praises | VIPIRELAND.COM

The Dublin native admitted that the praise is so huge, particularly from Bono, because the rockstar’s early career was much like the kids in the film.

“The validation for the film is huge from him because that’s his road and that’s the kids in Sing Street’s road that they’e gone down, and it’s so many great artists road,” he told

“But I think Bono really did start that journey for so many people, so it’s really great validation for the film.”

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Important: John admitted Bono’s praise is incredible because of his experience in the music industry | VIPIRELAND.COM

The film-maker also admitted that he thinks Bono’s public praise of the film will generate the film’s popularity, especially in the US.

“It will really help promote the film, particularly in America where he really does still have that God like stature,” he added.

The news comes after John opened up to about entering fatherhood, as his partner is expecting their first child. 


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