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Pretty Little Liars is OVER

Pretty Little Liars will air it’s final episode EVER, at the end of this season.

The murder mystery is one of the most talked about shows since it first aired in 2010, and now the show’s executive feels like it’s finally time to end the Liars’ story.

“It’s rare that you have a chance to send a series out on top, which the feeling very much was that this would achieve,” said Karey Burke, executive vice president of programming and development at Freeform.


It’s over: The seventh season will be the final season of Pretty Little Liars | ABC

Karey revealed that executive producer and showrunner Marlene King felt that the show had come to it’s natural end – a rarity in television.

“It ultimately comes down to Marlene and her vision, and her sense of where the natural place for the narrative to end was, and this was that,” she told Variety.

“Knowing that there was an ending point really gave her and [producers] Oliver [Goldstick] and Joe [Dougherty] and Charlie Craig creative license to build very carefully toward something.

“Rarely in television do you get the chance to do that. I think they did wonders with it.”

pll 2

Goodbye A: The show’s producers felt that the story came to it’s natural end | ABC

Karey also shut down rumours that there would be a Pretty Little Liars movie in the future and that this was definitely the end.

“Oh no, this is really the end. I think the reason there has been speculation is because I think the people involved love doing the show.

“It’s not a show that really anybody wanted to leave or wanted to end.

“I think the community around the show has formed a wonderful family who would want to continue to work together, as long as it made sense for the story,” she added.

If you’re as devastated as us to hear about the show’s end, you can binge watch all seven seasons on Netflix.

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