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Our favourite Christmas ads of 2023 so far

As Halloween ends, it is only a matter of time before the festive activities commence!

As we said goodbye to spooky season on October 31st, the next day saw the Christmas buzz reappear and the beginning of the festive season.

The Christmas ads are thoroughly anticipated as we get closer to the winter months, and we have some of the best so far listed below to get you in the Christmas spirit.


The Very Christmas ad is bright, upbeat and very pink!

While you may have never associated pink flamingos with the festive period, the ad surprisingly represents Christmas well. It’s focus on spreading light and joy to a rather dull city landscape will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Set to the tune of a remastered version of Girls Aloud’s Merry Christmas, Everybody, this ad gives the festive season a new look!

TK Maxx

Following in the footsteps of Very’s rather alternative take on Christmas, TK Maxx’s Christmas ad is set to the unconventional tune of Eve’s Blow Ya Mind.

Set on a farmyard in the English countryside, the short ad sees the farm’s animals dressed in designer outfits and seemingly ‘strut’ out of the barn.

While this ad may not be held to the highest regard as some of the iconic brand’s over the years, it is sure to have you grinning from cheek to cheek.

Marks and Spencer Food

Marks and Spencer didn’t disappoint this year as they recruited Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to feature in the brand’s new Christmas food advert.

The pair are joined by British icon Dawn French – marking the comedian’s third time appearing in the British chain’s Christmas ad.

The 80-second-clip sees the Christmas fairy, played by Dawn and a pair of children’s mittens, come to life and explore Marks and Spencer’s yuletide feast.

The Wrexham FC owners voice the Right and Left mittens and after being abandoned in the snow after their owner Lilly, lost them on a trip, are cheered up by the Christmas fairy with an abundance of sweet M&S treats.


Lidl’s wholesome ad is here to remind us that small gestures during the festive period are priceless.

Following the plight of a lonely racoon, the ad sees the adorable animal watch a family enjoy Christmas from the tree he lives in opposite their home.

After reuniting a cuddly toy with one of the children in the house, the racoon is chased out by the family’s pet dog, who in fact just wants to keep the racoon company.

Lidl has certainly pulled through this year with this adorable ad to surely play at your heartstrings.


The iconic Michael Bublé lends his voice to ASDA as the brand takes full advantage of the obsession with the star’s festive album.

The singer has famously associated himself with the Christmas period and fans will be delighted to see him feature at the end of the supermarket chain’s ad.

John Lewis

The highly anticipated Christmas ad is finally here!

The retailer’s theme this year is the marking of old and new festive traditions with the tagline “Let Your Traditions Grow”.

World famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli provides the backdrop to the ad, which sees a young boy Alfie grow his own Christmas tree.

After planting the seed, Alfie soon realises that instead of planting a traditional festive Christmas tree, the seed has sprouted a Venus flytrap, dubbed Snapper: The Perfect Tree.

Alfie and the venus flytrap soon become the best of friends, however after causing a ruckus throughout the household, Alfie’s parents cast Snapper outside and replace him with a traditional Christmas tree.

Ending on a happy note, the ad sees Alfie dust the snow off of Snapper on Christmas morning and place a present beneath him, with his family quickly following suit.


Coco-Cola have brought back their iconic “Holidays Are Coming” advert back to TV screens this year.

The classic ad is nearly 30 years old, having made its debut in 1995.

The nostalgia and warmth the iconic ad brings is sure to put everyone in the festive mood – a smart move by Coco-Cola this year!




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