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‘I don’t want to wash the muck or the memories away’: Angela Scanlon on why she hasn’t cleaned her wedding dress


It’s been almost two years since Angela Scanlon tied the knot but the BBC presenter still hasn’t washed her wedding dress.

Angela married Roy Horgan in a stunning vintage-inspired ceremony in Wicklow in July 2014 and admitted she has yet to clean her dress because she doesn’t want to “wash the muck or the memories away”.

She told the Sunday Independent’s Life magazine: “My favourite outfit is my wedding dress. Well, it was a dress that became a two-piece a week before the wedding! Not ideal for stress levels, but it turned out for the best, and was one of my favourite things ever to wear. It still hasn’t been cleaned, as I don’t want to wash the muck or the memories away.”

Two years ago today I married the best dude in the world. I think I've made some good decisions over the past couple of years but this is by far my best one ever… Thanks for making me happy. And helping with you know admin & all that sexy stuff I'm so brilliant at. I couldn't do any of this without you ????

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And despite her extensive travels, former Getaways presenter Angela says her honeymoon was her favourite holiday that she has ever taken.

She said: “Our honeymoon in Marrakech was the best holiday. It felt like a stolen week as I was in the middle of filming Getaways, but it was amazing.

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“My friend has a company that arranges the best holidays in Morocco and I had always wanted to go.

“We got engaged in India and so we wanted to go somewhere exotic without the jetlag. I’ve been planning to go back since.”