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EXCLUSIVE! Anna Daly shares update on her father’s health following cancer treatment

The Ireland AM host admitted she was "desperate" for her parents to receive the Covid vaccine


Anna Daly has shared an update on her father’s health, after he underwent cancer treatment.

The Ireland AM star previously opened up about her dad’s battle with prostate cancer, which he received treatment for during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie ahead of Virgin Media Television’s Virtual Spring Launch, the Dublin native shared: “He’s doing great. He’s finished his cancer treatment.

“It won’t be gone, he won’t be cancer-free, but he will manage it with regular injections and trips to his consultant.”

Anna’s parents with her three children

“He dealt with it very well, and I think our whole family have given him the support that he needed to get through it – I hope we have!

“It’s about him getting back to fighting fit again, and that’s through lifestyle changes which he’s done to make himself healthier,” the mother-of-three explained.

“I’m used to being on Ireland AM and talking about the [coronavirus] statistics and the deaths, and I’m always very conscious that there’s a family grieving behind every one of those deaths we’ve announced.

“So in the grand scheme of things, I’m very lucky. My family are doing well, and my parents are that bit older but we’re taking good care of them. We’re dropping their groceries into them in the garden, back to the March/April behaviour.”


Speaking about the pandemic, Anna urged: “I just think we all need to play our part, do our bit, wear our masks to try and get the numbers down. It’s about responsible behaviour.

“We all want the world to open up again, to travel, to have fun nights out… Hopefully we can look forward to all of that very soon.

“We’re all in a hurry for the vaccine to be rolled out too, I know I’m desperate for my parents to be vaccinated so they can start living their lives again. But hopefully, we’ll get there, and it does seem like we’re moving closer.”

As Covid cases in Ireland have been on the rise in recent weeks, Ireland AM have introduced workings pods to reduce the presenters’ number of contacts.

Anna explained: “For Simon [Delaney] and I, it’s business as usual, It’s just the two of us presenting the show together, and that’s great. There probably isn’t a better person to be podding-up with, put in a bubble.

“We get on great. In a way, we’re quite alike and in other ways we’re very different, and I think that’s important – to have two people present a show with differing opinions, and to be able to challenge each other and laugh together.

“I wouldn’t go to work if I didn’t feel safe, but Virgin Media have made us feel very, very safe. Our temperatures are taken on the way in, there’s all sorts of different safety measures in place, so it certainly feels like a very safe environment to present the show from.”

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