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Revolut announces major change for 2 million users in Ireland

Revolut’s two million users in Ireland will receive an Irish IBAN number in the coming months.

At present, Revolut customers in Ireland hold a Lithuanian IBAN, which has caused some issues for those who wish to use the app as their primary banking service.

Certain employers and providers in Ireland refuse to accept an IBAN from a different country, which means many Revolut users have also required a traditional bank account.

However, the company recently set up an Irish branch of Revolut Bank UAB, and have now confirmed plans to replace their customers Lithuanian IBAN with a brand new Irish IBAN.

The decision should enable users in Ireland to send and receive money more easily.

The company aim to start migrating existing customers to their Irish branch in a phased manner, approximately two months from now.

In an email sent to customers today, Revolut explained the transition and said all users will be notified of their new Irish IBAN on the day they are moved to the Irish branch.

However, they warned users that they will need to contact anyone who uses their Lithuanian IBAN and replace those details with their new Irish IBAN.

In order to make the transition seamless, you’ll still be able to receive payments using your Lithuanian IBAN for two months after you are transferred to the Irish branch.

But after that, your Lithuanian IBAN will expire.


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