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Dublin Airport responds to concern over live animal ‘trapped in Terminal 1’

Dublin Airport has responded to the public’s concern over a bird which is said to be “trapped” in Terminal 1.

They released a statement on social media after an animal rights campaigner issued a public plea for the bird to be rescued.

In a post shared on X, they wrote: “We note the concern about the bird currently living in Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport.”

“Helping a small (and very speedy!) bird to get out of such a vast and busy building is no easy task. But the airport team is on the case and – in consultation with wildlife and bird experts – a process is underway which will get the bird safely on its way very soon.

“In the meantime, the public can be fully assured that the bird is getting plenty to eat and drink and is healthy. The safe return of the bird to the wild is a top priority and we thank the public for leaving its rescue to the professionals.”

The statement comes after campaigner Caoimhe Laird Phelan said she believes the bird has been trapped in the terminal for over 40 days.

“Being trapped indoors with nowhere to escape is incredibly stressful for a wild bird. He is already in a panic as he is constantly flying up towards the sky windows to find an escape,” she said.

“He doesn’t know that the terminal he is in is on the third floor, and in order to get out of the building he will have to fly down two flights of stairs to get to a door at a boarding gate.

“This is something he could never figure out as these doors are opened intermittently with the sole purpose of letting passengers out to board a plane

“Airports are not their natural habitat, and do not produce worms and bugs for them to eat. The starling won’t find the food and water it needs.

“I was flying last Friday, and I noticed a skinny starling doing laps around Terminal One. I asked a few members of staff, and nobody seemed too bothered about his presence or initiating a rescue.”

@caoimha.lp It’s just making me really sad, I can’t stop thinking about him flying upward towards the windows and him not being able to get out. April is breeding season for Starlings. he should be outside building a nest with his girlfriend, waiting for the babies to come and eating worms instead of someone’s leftover Burger King I feel this is insanely negligent for an organisation as large and profitable as @dublinairport. Surely someone has seen him? Is he not important enough to be rescued? Why is he still in there? Starlings are beautiful native Irish birds with holographic feathers that shine blue and green in the sun. They are known for their puffed out chest and pretty songs. This guy is the skinniest starling I have ever seen. If anyone has the time, you could send an email to the Dublin airport authority letting them know this is not okay. You could share this video to your story and hope that you send a nature lover our way to send an email. You could also tag @dublinairport below in the comments to let them know they need to take action and provide proof that he has been released happily. I travel to the UK every month and I can’t imagine seeing him again next time, if he even survives the greenhouse that is terminal one right now #dublin #dublinnews #dublinairport #CapCut ♬ DO 4 LOVE – Snoh Aalegra

“I had a feeling he was there for a while, so I took a few clips and made a video telling his story and posted it online.

“It has been gaining traction and I have learned that he was first spotted there on March 8. As of today, that means he has been in there for 42 days,” she added.

Caoimhe said she hopes Dublin Airport takes “responsibility to put proper procedures in place for when wildlife is trapped within its walls”.


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