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Could this Irish app be the new Tinder?


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A new Irish app is about to explode on the dating scene.

If you love Tinder you’ll love Whatifi – a new app that reconnects people that attended the same events the day afterwards.

Whatifi remembers all the places you visit on a night out. The next day your timeline screen refreshes and shows you all the places you visited the previous day.

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Users can then tap on a venue they attended and view all the other users that were there at the same time. So it’s not all about dating folks, you can use it for plain old networking too.

You can click on a user profile and send a chat request which appears as a push notification on the receivers phone.


We think this would be perfect for gigs, parties, Electric Picnic or even after meeting people on the 12 Pubs of Gossmas (because you’ll definitely make an impression that night).