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‘HURRICANE’ weather set for Electric Picnic


If you’re heading to Electric Picnic next weekend you may want to pack a few extra rain jackets.

The US National Hurricane Centre in Miami has said ‘hurricane’ weather is set to hit the UK and Ireland next week.

According to the NHC, a 90mph hurricane has formed off the coast in Florida and is heading our way. The storm is predicted to reach Irish shores by the end of next week with 70mph gusts and gales expected.

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“Hurricane Gaston is the latest hurricane to develop in the Atlantic and has reached its peak with gusts up to 85 to 90mph,” Independent weather forecast provider MeteoGroup told the Irish Sun.

“It will eventually head north then northeastwards towards Ireland and the UK as a low pressure system, potentially disrupting our weather next week.”

But according to Met Eireann, Monday and Tuesday will be dry and sunny the same with Wednesday and Thursday but then bad weather will descend.

Make sure your tents are waterproof lads…