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EXCLUSIVE! Bonnie Ryan admits she'll never do radio: 'I'm not a good talker like Lottie'


Bonnie Ryan has revealed she has no interest in following into her sister Lottie’s footsteps in radio.

The Dublin native comes from a showbiz family with dad Gerry one of Ireland’s most legendary broadcasters and Lottie having her own show on 2FM- however she can’t see herself getting into the family business.

“I don’t think I’ll get into radio. I’m not as good of a talker as Lottie is, I don’t think that’s to my taste. I think I’ll stick to the singing for now,” she told Goss.ie.


Radio: Bonnie wont be following in her sister’s footsteps

The aspiring singer is focusing on her music career instead and has been going back and forth to London to record her debut EP.

Bonnie admitted she’s considering a move to London in the future to further her chances of hitting the big time.

“I love London. I’v been over there a good few times and I’m really loving it. I think I would like to go there, definitely for a while anyway,” she said.

hozier battle

Collab: Bonnie would love to work with Hozier

“I’m probably gonna have to do it. It’s only 45 minutes to get there,” she told Goss.ie.

Meanwhile, Bonnie admitted she would love to work with fellow Irish singer Hozier and reckons the pair could do something “different” together.

“He’s completely different to me but I’m obsessed with Hozier, I’d love to do something with him definitely, that would be pretty cool,” she said.