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Lindsay Lohan’s dad THREATENS her fiancé Egor


Lindsay Lohan’s father has clearly taken his daughter’s side in her recent row with fiance Egor Tarabasov.

Michael Lohan shot off a series of threatening text messages to Egor, after Lindsay and Egor had a loud, allegedly violent fight. Neighbors called police after Lindsay screamed that her 23-year-old fiance was trying to strangle her.

TMZ obtained the Michael’s text messages – and they contain some fighting words. “You threaten my daughter, touch her or if anything happens to her and you will have no where to hide mother ducked like weasel.”


“VOME Here And Face ME like a man and bring your daddy and mommy.” Michael continued. “Return her jewelry you broke phoney or I’ll take it out of your ass. I WILL find you.”

The spelling errors suggest that rage had overwhelmed protective daddy Michael.

Lindsay flew back to the States on Monday. Egor was seen moving his stuff out of Lindsay’s house today, following the threats. Probably a smart move.