Lindsay Lohan deletes tweets after BIZARRE Brexit rant

Lindsay Lohan has deleted all her tweets, in which she urged Britain to remain in the EU.

The Mean Girls star pleaded with her British followers to vote to remain in the European Union, before news broke that Britain voted to Leave.

In a series of bizarre rants, the star targeted Kettering, a town near London, asking where the town was, showing her vast knowledge on the United Kingdom.

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Remain: Lindsay urged her British followers to vote to stay | INSTAGRAM

“Sorry, but #KETTERING where are you&why is this woman @BBCNews speaking on people rather than telling us what happens if UK leaves?” she wrote.

The rant was completely out of no where and so passionate, that many of her followers assumed she was hacked.

“#remain #REMAIN @standardnews #remain #REMAIN @Telegraph unlike OBAMA’s recent setback @BBCWorld i have not been hacked,” she replied to claims she’d been hacked.

On her Instagram, she also posted a strange message, again urging voters to remain.

In the post, she asked “Where’s Sunderland? Does Sarah Palin live there? Lol.”

After the result came out to leave, Lindsay has since deleted all of her, very strange, tweets.