Sam Thompson slams Zara McDermott for ‘s****ing’ someone else behind his back

The couple's dramatic split was documented in the latest episode of Made In Chelsea


Sam Thompson slammed Zara McDermott for “s****ing” someone else behind his back on Monday night’s episode of Made In Chelsea.

The couple dramatically split back in August, after Sam found out Zara hooked up with someone else during the early stages of their relationship.

At the time, it was reported that Zara cheated on him with someone “in the music industry”, around the same time she took part in the celebrity version of The X Factor last year.

Monday night’s show saw Sam dramatically end things with a tearful Zara, finally giving viewers a glimpse into how it all played out.


Zara emotionally pleaded with Sam for his forgiveness, saying: “I know you won’t believe a word I say, but I know we’ve built such a bond since this all happened.

“This has been bubbling away in my mind for so long and theres just no right opportunity to say something like that…I just couldn’t do it.”

Sam replied: “I’m the first person to hold my hands up and say I’ve done some f*cked up sh*t but I’ve never done anything like that.

“The seediness of consistently shagging and calling me when I’m at home, when the rest of your band are in bed with their other halves. That is not the person I know at all.”


Through tears, Zara said: “It’s not the person I know either. There’s no justification for anything.

“The way that I’ve behaved, the way I’ve acted or the things I’ve done. It’s disgusting and I hate myself so much.”

Sam replied: “Look, this is the thing, Zara, I can’t believe anything you’re saying because its taken so long to even get here, and you can’t have a relationship like that.”

“I promised myself that I would never be the guy to look at someones phone, to ask where they’ve been when they get back at 10pm… and I can’t trust myself.

“You’re so good at lying and that’s how it’ll go and that’s why I cannot be with you.”


An emotional Zara pleaded: “I wanna work through this with you”, to which Sam replied: “We can’t. You didn’t even feel the guilt. You’re still liking his photos.”

“There was no guilt there when I was next to you in bed. There’s [only] guilt now because you’ve been caught.”

“I just see absolutely no way [we can move forward],” he added. “I can’t even trust this. I can’t do it.”

Sam told an emotional Zara that he needed “space” before walking away, leaving her in tears on a park bench.

Speaking to his friend Reza Amiri-Garroussi towards the start of the episode, Sam said: “Mate, I looked at this guys Instagram, she’s still liking his photos.”

“There’s no remorse. There’s no ‘I feel terrible for what I’ve done’. It’s like hearing that a different person did that, because what I’ve always held Zara in the highest esteem is that she’s so innocent and lovely [sic]. The fact she can even have two such polar opposite sides to her is petrifying.”

Sam also considered giving Zara another chance, before his friend Jamie Laing advised him against it.

“Mate, its so tough because she was the one… She was the one, and I don’t feel I have the strength to bin it,” he said.

“If that was me and I was in your situation she’d be done,” Jamie told Sam.

“Listen, she’s gonna cry its gonna be awful, she’s gonna tell you how much she loves you, your hearts going to melt, and I almost wanna put myself in your brain… because you’re gonna feel like you’re stepping on a puppy,” he continued.

“You’ll find the right girl for you and it’s not Zara McDermott… you are far better than that”.