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Love Island’s Montana Brown opens up about anxiety after the show

Love Island alum Montana Brown has opened up about dealing with her anxiety following her stint on the show.

The UK-based beauty was extremely close to Mike Thalassitis, who was found dead by suicide in March of this year, aged just 26.

Taking to her YouTube channel, the reality TV star posted a video for Mental Health Awareness Week, and answered questions about her mental health.


“When I first left Love Island, that’s when I started to get anxiety,” she said.

“So that was the first time I ever experienced anxiety and stress, really, in those situations is after I left Love Island and I shot to fame… which was obviously fantastic but it does come with downfalls.”

“My mental health problems now, they’re a little bit different. I wouldn’t say they were mental health problems, it’s just dealing with grief, and the way that I’ve dealt with that is with a myriad of different things,” she said.


She also shared that she saw a bereavement councilor, and sought cathartic relief through writing her feelings down.

Last month, Montana shared an excerpt from the moving eulogy she gave at Mike Thalassitis’ funeral.

“So the human body strives to survive, cells regenerate, they reboot, they mutate all to keep the body alive.”

“For Mike’s mental illness to push him to the point where he wanted to self destruct and press that final game over button means that he must’ve been in such a dark place which we will never really understand.”

“Mike, I truly believe you exhausted every avenue to avoid this outcome, as I know you knew you were loved, by so many people. You’re kind, you’re generous and sometimes very lairy… but that’s the Mike that we all cherish and love.”

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