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Jamie Laing makes shock confession about sex with wife Sophie Habboo

Jamie Laing has made a shock confession about his marriage with Sophie Habboo.

The Made in Chelsea star revealed that his sex life with his wife has already hit a rough patch, just a year after they tied the knot.

He admitted he’s become “lazy” in the bedroom since becoming a married man.

Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing got married in Marbella in May

The Made in Chelsea stars officially tied the knot at a registry office in Chelsea last April, before they hosted their second wedding in Seville, Spain the next month.

The reality stars have been dating since April 2019, and got engaged in December 2021.

Jamie confessed to The Sun on Sunday that Sophie has joked that he’s “bog standard” in the bedroom, and he “can’t be bothered’ to perform anymore now that they’re married.

He said: “I used to start doing joined-up handwriting then I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered with that as it’s quicker for me to not do it joined up’, I’m a bit like that in the bedroom.”

“I don’t give up halfway but I do remember that once I rolled on top of Sophie and she said, ‘Oh, get on with it’.”

He added that he suggested to Sophie that they see a marriage counsellor as a way to help them communicate more effectively.

The reality star revealed they now have twice-monthly sessions, which has it’s made them more “empathetic” when discussing any issues in their relationship.

Jamie said: “It opens you up and makes you more empathetic. It makes you basically not become a sociopath and it allows you to have another opinion.”

“It’s made me calmer, with Sophie especially, as I’m generally more volatile than her.”

Jamie also shared that through the marriage counselling he’s learned how to resolve issues with his wife, and admit when he’s in the wrong.

The pair co-host the Newlyweds podcast together, which they’re bringing on a live tour this year.


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