TV3 favourite Martin King ‘stepping out’ from weather presenting


Martin King has revealed that he’s set to “step out” from weather presenting on TV3.

The broadcaster, who is best known as Ireland’s favourite weatherman, could be set to leave his weather presenting days behind him after almost 20 years in front of the green screen.

The 53-year-old usually presents the weather forecast at the end of TV3’s 5.30pm new bulletin.

“For the month of December I’m going to step out of ‘The 5.30’,” he told the Herald.


Sad times: Martin’s commitment to The Six O’Clock Show means leaving his weatherman days behind him | TV3

“I’ll miss it. It’s been a nice thing to be involved in. We were doing it so differently and it got a lot of attention.”

Martin’s decision comes after The Seven O’Clock Show was changed to The Six O’Clock Show, which means that the popular weatherman “simply can’t be in two places at once”.

While Martin has successfully presented the weather and hosted The Seven O’Clock Show in the past, the change in the station’s schedule would mean he would only have a matter of seconds to switch studios.