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Three Love Island stars take major steps with new Casa Amor contestants on tonight’s Love Island

We’re in for another dramatic episode of Love Island tonight.

The boys and girls have been living in separate villas this week in the ultimate loyalty test.

The girls are living in the main villa with six new boys, while the boys moved to Casa Amor where they were joined by six new girls.

Tonight, three Islanders make their move on the new arrivals.

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Chloe Burrows has had her eye on new boy Dale Mehmet and tonight, she takes the plunge and asks him to sleep in her bed with her.

Dale says: “Me personally, I think you and me get on the best. I’m enjoying chatting to you.”

Chloe admits: “I think we get on pretty well. I think you’re my favourite of everyone,” to which Dale replies: “My favourite, I like that.”

In the Beach Hut, Dale adds: “Chloe surprises me, so much. I feel like when me and her chat, it’s effortless. The more and more I get chatting to her, I’m enjoying it.”

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Similarly, Tyler Cruickshank and Clarisse Juliette decide to take the next step and sleep in the same bed.

In the Beach Hut, Clarisse says: “I feel like me and Tyler are getting a lot closer. I can see, even from when we’re talking, he’s leaning in more. We’re connected.”

Tyler, who is currently coupled up with Kaz Kamwi, tells the model: “You girls are giving me a headache.”


Clarisse replies: You just need to be chill, feed good, be happy, you need to cuddle me.”


As we reported earlier, Hugo Hammond makes his move on Amy Day on tonight’s show.

After sharing a bed together, Amy tells the PE teacher: “With you, it’s like I can’t wait to talk to you next. You’ve shown interest which is amazing. When I first came in and there was an initial something.”

Hugo says: “Nice I finally acted upon it, eh?” to which Amy replies: “Yeah, it’s interesting, it’s exciting.”

Amy goes to pinky promise Hugo, but he instead leans in for a kiss.

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Tuesday night’s show ended on a cliffhanger, with viewers left wondering whether Liam Reardon and Lillie Haynes were going to kiss.

In the Beach Hut, Liam explains: “She put her cards on the table, told me exactly how she felt. Obviously, I wanted to kiss her, but it’s not the right time. She took it well, said I completely respect you. The time here now, if I feel like I want to kiss her, I’m going to kiss her.”

Lillie later says: “I think he’s trying to stay respectful, obviously his situation back in the main villa, but he also wants to explore the situation here. You’re going to have to upset someone, basically.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.

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