Thalia Heffernan admits nerves ahead of Dancing With The Stars

The model is one of the contestants in RTE's latest show


Thalia Heffernan has admitted she’s nervous ahead of RTE’s Dancing With The Stars this weekend.

The very first episode of the new series airs this Sunday, January 8th and includes a line-up of some of Ireland’s best known celebrities.

“I’ve been more nervous than I’ve ever felt been before,” she said in the lead up to the show.


Nerves: Thalia admitted she’s nervous ahead of the live show | RTE

Thalia revealed that she was “tentative” at first when she was approached to star on the show, but later realised what the show could do for her.

“It’s exciting to be able to show myself off as a human being and show my personality and to be able to speak to an audience as me rather than in character,” she told RTE Entertainment.

“I’m experiencing a whole new mixed bag of emotions that I’ve never felt before to be honest.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before, so far I’ve been more nervous than I’ve ever felt before so I can only imagine how I’ll feel on the night.”


Show time: The model revealed her routine is coming together | BRIAN MCEVOY

The Dubliner also admitted that, despite her nerves, her dance routine is “starting to come together now” after the intense rehearsals.

“I don’t know if it’s going to fall straight out of my head or if I’ll be able to keep myself composed enough to be able to do the dance,” she said.

“I’m hoping that I am, but I won’t know until the night really.

“I’ve never done anything so difficult. I never, ever thought it was going to be this hard.”


Practice makes perfect: Thalia is learning new things while training for the competition | BRIAN MCEVOY

Thalia explained what she has learned from the dance competition, such as how to hold your body.

“There’s so many things to consider. When you’re trying to remember steps as well as [how to hold] every part of your body it does become absolutely ridiculously difficult.

“Almost on the brink of impossible, but the more I practice the more natural it’s starting to feel, even though it’s the most unnatural feeling I’ve ever had,” she added.

Dancing With The Stars airs on January 8th on RTE 1.