Elaine Crowley lost over ONE STONE in two weeks


Elaine Crowley has lost one stone and two pounds after just one week in Celebrity Operation Transformation.

The TV3 star said before that her nerves got the better of her and she ended up gaining two stone before starting the show.

“I would say that is the most significant weight-loss that we’ve had so far on today’s show,” the show’s in-house dietician Aoife Hearne admitted.

Elaine Crowley

Weight loss: Elaine lost over a stone on her first week with Celebrity Operation Transformation | BRIAN MCEVOY

The Midday presenter revealed that she was determined to lose the weight before it seriously affected her.

“If I don’t lose this weight now, I will be in a wheelchair in my 60s,” Elaine said on the show.

“I’ve said it before it’s not about the scales for me. The problem for me is keeping it off and a lifestyle change.

“It’s about change in the long-term. If I lose three pounds next week – yay! If I lose a stone next week – yay! If I lose nothing next week – yay!

“As long as I can eat my three meals a day and get my exercise in everyday it’ll come off eventually.”