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Brendan O’Carroll set to host his own CHAT SHOW

Agnes Brown will get a chance to interview all her favourite celebrities


Brendan O’Carroll is set to host his own chat show for the BBC.

The actor has won many awards for his comedy about an Irish mammy and her family, Mrs. Brown’s Boys, and now Agnes will have the chance to welcome more people into her home.

The new entertainment show, All Round To Mrs Brown’s, will have characters from the popular sitcom inviting celebrities and members of the public into their world.

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Chat show: Brendan is set to host a new show where he will be interviewing celebrities as Mrs. Brown | BBC

A pilot episode, which won’t be broadcasted according to reports, was filmed on September 20th and Brendan interviewed Andy Murray’s mother, Judy.

“The pilot was a brilliant success. I don’t think Brendan expected it to be such a hit,” a source told the Irish Daily Star.

“Brendan is doing the interviewing, but then some of the cast members of Mrs Brown’s Boys will also be on the show too and joining in with interviewing.

“It looks like it will air in February on BBC One.”