The Top Tips To Decluttering Your Wardrobe

We’re all guilty of hanging on to clothes WAY too long, stuffing jumpers “we really like sometimes” into our wardrobes, and just living in our own clutter.

But now Irish fashion blogger and decluttering expert Sarah Hanrahan from I Come Undone is launching a brand new 3-tier wardrobe detox service.

Launching on November 1st, the blogger is offering people the opportunity to reorganise and regain control over their spending habits (we all need a bit of that now don’t we?).

Speaking to, Sarah gave her Top Tips for Decluttering your wardrobe.


New service: Sarah runs fashion blog I Come Undone

“Put aside one day to go through every item you own, pin point the items that both fit great & make you feel great, these are the pieces you will build your wardrobe from moving forward.

“Feel like you have ‘way too much stuff to go through’? Then you have way too much stuff full stop and need to do this more than anyone, sorry,” she explained.

“This is a day better spent than yet another day wasting money shopping. To help you decide which items you really want to keep consider the following…”


I Come Undone before-detox

1. Does this item make you feel great?

2. How did you feel the last time you wore this? (…If you can’t even remember the last time you have your answer right there)

3. Is it worn out? Seen better days?

4. Does it project the image you want to project?

5. Does it flatter your figure? (it may be a nice dress but if it gives you double boobs or back cleavage toss it)

6. Would you choose to wear this dress over the 30 other dresses you have? Yes, the dress is ‘alright’ but if you have 30 other ones you prefer then this one will never see the light of day.

7. Is it damaged at all? Are you actually going to get it repaired?

8. Does it go with anything in your wardrobe? Don’t even start considering buying more clothes to go with it. If it doesn’t match, get rid of it.

I Come Undone after-detox

Tadaa: Your wardrobe can look like this too

Sarah has just launched a new Detox Wardrobe service – helping people declutter their closets.

To book a detox service as a gift for someone else or yourself go to where the service will be available from November 1st.