Bob Geldof being sued for MILLIONS by former bandmate


Bob Geldof is reportedly being sued for millions by a former Boomtown Rats bandmate.

The musician was credited as the sole writer for the number one hit I Don’t Like Mondays when it was was released in 1979.

Now John Moylett, known as Johnnie Fingers, is claiming he wrote the music and some of the lyrics for the song, 37 years later.

Bob Geldof & The Boomtown Rats

Mondays: Bob is being sued by a former bandmate for not crediting him on a hit song | VIPIRELAND.COM

According to the Irish Mail On Sunday, John said that he started working on a chord sequence and melody once he had returned to Britain from America, where inspiration struck, which evolved into the famous piano riff.

The keyboard player claims that when he played the melody Bob said it sounded “too classical.”

However Bob said in papers filed in response that he played the song with the rest of the band, including John, in a recording studio in London.

The Dubliner is apparently seeking two thirds of the royalties accumulated over the years.