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10 Of The Cosiest Christmas Jammies You Can Get RIGHT NOW

Christmas isn't complete without a good pair of festive pjs


There’s nothing like slipping into a brand new pair of cosy jammies on Christmas eve, it’s pretty much a tradition.

From fleecy to flannel, there’s nothing better than digging into a box of Quality Street while watching Home Alone – all snug in your brand new pjs.

So, if you’re on the look out for some new (and festive) nightwear and don’t know where to start, here are 10 of our favourite pieces to keep you warm all winter long.


penneysThere’s been a fierce bite in the wind this past month and it’s been making getting up in the morning a lot harder.

Combat the cold with this comfy winter wear from Penneys.

For only a tenner this festive bedtime sweater will keep you toasty on Christmas morning even if you can’t find the firelighters.

Find the HERE.



Next provide a novel new way for you to let Santa or any friends and family know what you might like to find under the Christmas tree with this Christmas list pjs.

Short sleeved and soft, this set is great for sitting in bed unwrapping prezzies while playing ‘All I Want For Christmas’ at full blast.

Not in the traditional red, these snazzy modern girl jammies are a must have at 32 for the set.

Find them HERE.

Dunnes Stores



Plenty of gals grew up loving Minnie Mouse, and just because you’ll probably be getting Prosecco this Christmas instead of a Polly Pocket – doesn’t mean you have to give up your cartoon idol.

With fleecy bottoms, this set is the perfect companion to a cup of hot chocolate and fuzzy slippers.

Christmas but girly, these cute pink pjs are available from Dunnes for 18.

Find them HERE.

New Look


It’s not easy being a summer girl in winter. All you want is to be able to go outside without wearing 50 layers, but alas, you’re an Irish lass and we don’t get dealt a great hand when it comes to the weather.

If a trip to the Tropics are off the cards, why not try this more financially sound option and pick up this cosy sweater from New Look.

Soft and snug it’ll keep you so warm you’ll almost forget it’s winter.

Available for 15 pick one up HERE.



Another one to add to the ‘girls who love pink’ list, this funky festive jammie top is bound to be a winner with any pink princess.

A fun twist on the traditional Christmas pjs this bright and bold top is perfect for the quirky girl in the family.

Not only will you stand out in style but you’ll be snug as a bug in this cute reindeer wear.

Available at 8 you can check them out yourself HERE.

Dunnes Stores



It’s not Christmas till the Coca Cola ad is on the telly and we’re all chanting ‘Holidays are coming’.

The iconic advert is the starting whistle of the season and these jammies are the perfect way to join in on the holiday fun.

Festive and fun these jersey pajamas are 20 and are just what any Christmas lover needs.

Find them HERE.

New Look


If you like a bit of sass with your nightwear these pjs from New Look are just for you.

Tell it like it is with this feisty set and let people know just what you want….festive fun and lots of it.

Great for those counting down the days to Christmas at 20 these are ideal for jumping out of bed on Christmas morning.

Find them HERE.

Littlewoods Ireland


If you love this time of year and everything it brings with it you’ll love these jammies from Littlewoods.

Light and comfy this cotton combo is perfect for cosy nights in with your favourite take out and Netflix.

At 33 from Littlewoods these pjs do exactly what they say on the tin.

Find them HERE.



If you’re style is comfy and casual, then you will love this laid back lounge wear from Next.

Festive but still cool, you can get down to some maximum chilling this holiday season in these pjs.

In breathable cotton and at 35 this long sleeve and leggings combo are perfect for the girl who loves her Christmas with comfort.

Find them HERE.



If you love dogs or are just always down for a bit of craic this comic night top from Topshop is just what you’ve been looking for.

Cute and quirky this witty wear is ideal for anyone who loves a good Christmas pun.

Give everyone a good chunkle Christmas morning for 26 from Topshop.

Find them HERE.