Shane Long’s wife Kayleah says placenta pills saved her from post-natal depression


Shane Long’s wife Kayleah believes placenta pills have saved her from post-natal depression.

The 27-year-old, who married Irish footballer Shane back in 2013, gave birth to their third child, Jax, in November.

Just weeks after his birth, Kayleah has told how she decided to have her placenta encapsulated into pills after a friend’s recommendation, as she previously suffered from the baby blues after having her second child, Erin.

“She did it and said to me, ‘Kayleah, if I could recommend anything this would be it.’ And I was like, ‘Really? I don’t think I could stomach it’,” she told the Irish Sun.


Baby boy: Shane and Kayleah welcomed Jax last month | INSTAGRAM

“When Erin was born we were in Hull. So I was five hours away from family and I felt really isolated. So when she was born I think I did get slight postnatal depression. Just because I felt alone. Looking back I definitely did, but at the time I didn’t know.

“So I’ve given them a go and I have to admit, I have loads of energy which I didn’t have with Erin and Teigan. I always felt really tired and drained. It obviously does work.”

“I wouldn’t be able to actually eat my placenta. Just in these plastic capsules so you can’t taste anything. They have really, really helped. Since I’ve been home I’ve not had one baby blue, where I’ve broken down and thought, ‘Oh this is too much’,” she said.


Opening up: Kayleah says placenta pills have kept post-natal depression at bay | INSTAGRAM

The mother-of-three also opened up about her son Jax’s scary entry into the world, as he was quickly rushed off to ICU shortly after his birth.

“They put him straight on me, skin on skin, and then Shane had his little cuddle and then all of a sudden the lady said, ‘He’s making this little grunting noise, can I just check him over?’

“She checked him and said, ‘I’m really sorry but I’m just going to have to press this alarm button.’ They came running in, and I thought, ‘Oh my god, what? He’s crying, he’s fine.’ But they all had a look and said, ‘yeah he’s really struggling,’ so they whizzed him off.

“He came out screaming, you just think it’s fine, and then all of a sudden, ‘Oh god, his breathing is not right. We need to take him.’ I never had it with the girls. We were home the next day. It was horrible.”


Family: Jax is adored by his sisters – and his footballer daddy | INSTAGRAM

Thankfully, Jax is now happy and healthy at home, and much-loved by his sisters Teigan and Erin – and of course, his daddy Shane.

“Erin is quite hands on at the moment, and she’s keeping me on my toes as well. She just thinks he’s her real life doll. She just wants to pick him up. So you have to watch her like a hawk.

“Teigan is brilliant; she is like a second mummy to him. She wants to feed him and wants to hold him. The other day she was buzzing because he fell asleep on her.”

“When we had Teigan, I was only 21 and Shane was 23 so we were really young. With Teigan he was a bit scared to do anything. He was so worried he’d break her until she got to about six months. Then he was very on the ball.

“Then Erin came along and he was a little bit more hands on again. This time Jax is constantly in Shane’s arms more than mine. He is really hands on, he’s brilliant. He is made up.”


Jax: Kayleah says her son’s name is ‘Jack with a twist’ | INSTAGRAM

The brunette also explained the reason behind the name Jax, and told how Shane’s side of the family find it particularly funny – because it sounds similar to what Irish people call the toilet.

“Shane always liked the name Jack, and then we like Jackson, but then I thought we’d never actually call him Jackson, I wasn’t a massive fan of it, Shane was more. So then we said why don’t we call him Jax if we’re never going to call him Jackson? So then it was like Jack with a twist.”

“Shane’s brother did turn around, and said, ‘Hey Kayleah, I call the toilet the jax.’ And I said ‘Oh, don’t tell me that! We finally got a name we like.’

“We don’t call it that over here, but then I thought, look I have a friend called Louise and we call her Lou, and I never think of the toilet when I think of her name so. He was like, ‘Okay I’ll get my head around it.’”

“I thought a few Irish fans might say, ‘Oh, why have you named your kid after a toilet?’” she laughed.