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Ruth Negga returns to filming hit US show

Ruth Negga has returned to the set of the supernatural comedy Preacher, to begin filming the second season.

Based on the comic book, the show follows a Western Texas preacher called Jesse Custer, played by Dominic Cooper (Ruths on and off screen boyfriend), his lover Tulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga) and vampire Cassidy played by Joseph Gilgun.

The Limerick native has been on set in New Orleans filming scenes for the 13-part series, and also spoke to Entertainment Weekly giving details about the highly-anticipated second season.

Ruth is making a name for herself state side | ABC

The World War Z star said, “It’s a road trip that goes horribly wrong. Tulip’s expecting a great fun time, like a road trip you take with your friends, and it doesn’t quite end up like that”.

“Tulip’s not interested in looking for God; I don’t think she really believes in it. But unfortunately, her soul mate is Jesse and that’s what he wants.

Tulip and Cassidy don’t really have any other options. He’s a vampire and she’s on the lam her whole life”, she continued.

The Oscar nominated actress is London-based but will remain stateside where she is making a great name for herself among her Hollywood peers.


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