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Spin 1038’s Nikki Hayes opens up on borderline personality disorder diagnosis

The DJ found out a year and a half ago


Nikki Hayes has opened up on being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

The Spin1038 star is a vocal mental health activist and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2015.

“I was 15 and I had an eating disorder, it was really a diet that went out of control. Then I had a suicide attempt, there was lots of self harm – it was a cry for help,” she said.

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Mental health: Nikki Hayes has opened up on being dianogosed with BPD | VIPIRELAND.COM

The radio star admitted that she knew when she was in college she was unhappy and had taken various medication over the years.

“It was snowballing over years and years. People just thought I was a bit of a drama queen or attention seeking,” she said said on TV3’s Elaine.

“While I was in college I was really unhappy. Things were getting very much out of control, and with partying and alcohol those manic highs were becoming really, really high and the lows were really, really low.

“I spent many years on Xanax, sleeping tablets, anti-depressants. Some bring you up, some bring you down but they were just putting a plaster over everything.

“When I took the overdose in college, I had a brain seizure because it was so bad.”

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Diagnosis: It was until 2015 that Nikki found out she had borderline personality disorder | TWITTER

Nikki was relieved when she found out in 2015 that she was suffering from BPD.

“Unfortunately it was only a year and a half ago, but fortunately as well I got the diagnosis.

“I take a lot of medication – mood stabilisers, anti-depressants, sleeping tablets. I do psychology once a week.

“It’s not perfect but I’m getting there. It’s an ongoing battle,” she added.