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Ronan Keating pays touching tribute to his late mum

Marie Keating passed away in 1998


Ronan Keating has paid a touching tribute to his late mum, Marie Keating, 18 years since her passing.

Marie Keating died aged 51 of breast cancer in 1998.

The singer took to Instagram to post a touching tribute that said, “Hey Mam hard to believe it’s been 19 years since we said farewell. Still feels like yesterday. Missing you every single day.”

“Thank you for all you sacrificed for us kids. We are the people we are because of your love.

“Love this pic taken in the Lord Mayors Pub in swords on my 18th Bday. She thought I was gonna drop the cake after spending the day making it. Love ya mama.”

The philanthropist founded the Marie Keating Foundation with his family and it has helped thousands of patience battling with cancer and their families.

The former Boyzone star went through a turbulent time with his father after his mum lost her battle with cancer but now he’s patched things up subsequently.

“I’ve said sorry to my dad,” he told the Mail Online in 2009.

“I made mistakes. I pushed him away from me for a long, long time after Mam’s death.”