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Nicola Coughlan receives high praise for her role in new period drama Bridgerton

The Galway native starred as Penelope Featherington in the hit series


Nicola Coughlan has received high praise for her role in the new period drama Bridgerton.

The eight-part series dropped on Netflix on Christmas Day, and is already proving to be a huge hit with viewers.

Set in early 19th Century London, the series follows eight close-knitted siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family, as they attempt to find love.

Derry Girls’ star Nicola plays the lovable Penelope Featherington in the show, with many fans taking to Twitter to praise her performance.


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One viewer tweeted: “I didn’t think I could love Nicola Coughlan anymore! Obsessed with Bridgerton.”

A second fan wrote: “I’m only halfway through Bridgerton, but Nicola Coughlan needs an entire season dedicated to her character.”

A third penned: “I think Penelope is already the coolest character in #Bridgerton and Nicola Coughlan is hilarious and so expressive.”

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show earlier this month, Nicola said: “Penelope is a young girl who is a member of high society but feels very much like an outsider.

“We see her in her first year debuting, meeting the queen and going to balls; and she feels completely uncomfortable about it.


“She’s a wallflower, she stands at the back and doesn’t dance with anyone.”


“But she’s a fascinating character because she starts off very innocent but goes on this amazing journey in the series which really changes her.

“She’s also very clever and quick witted, and you see that when she’s with her best friend Eloise. She’s also a real romantic, when you see her around Colin Bridgerton. So she’s got many, many sides to her.”

Comparing Penelope to her Derry Girls’ character Claire, Penelope said: “Penelope and Claire are really worlds apart.”

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“Claire is super high energy and says everything that’s on her mind, whereas Penelope rides a steady wave, but she observes everything, she takes everything in.

And going from comedy to a drama is a dream, really, I feel so lucky with the parts I’ve gotten,” she added.

Bridgerton is streaming on Netflix now.