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Matt Damon bids farewell to Ireland as he flies home to LA

It's time to say goodbye to the Hollywood star


Matt Damon has flown home to LA after spending months in Ireland.

The Hollywood star recently returned to Ireland to finish filming his upcoming film, The Last Duel, after spending lockdown earlier this year in Dalkey.

Earlier today, the actor was spotted in local family-run café Country Bake with his wife, before sending a heartwarming message to patients at Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Following his busy last day in Ireland, the Irish Independent shared photographs of Matt at Dublin Airport before he embarked on his journey to LA on his private jet, avoiding his second lockdown away from home.

Credit: Euan Cherry/WENN.com

Just before leaving, Matt left a lasting impression with the staff and patients at Temple Street Children’s Hospital, sending them a sweet supportive video.

In the video message, Matt said: “Hi to the staff, parents and patients at the Temple Street hospital, this is Matt Damon sending you a big hello.

“I know these last months have been brutal but you’re incredibly brave to keep going in there to get your treatments and I just want to say I think you guys are amazing, keep it up.”

Earlier in the day, RTÉ’s legal affairs correspondent Órla O’Donnell took to Twitter after spotting the star at a local coffee shop in Dalkey, explaining the hilarious encounter.

Órla wrote: “Queuing outside local coffee shop this morning, getting annoyed the couple inside were taking a LONG time to order and having cheery chats with the staff.

“Gave them evil eye and thought murderous thoughts as they left, to discover it was MATT DAMON and his wife.


“I wasted my one and only Matt Damon in Dalkey encounter by thinking grumpy thoughts. The staff said he is as lovely as everyone says and is always friendly and chatty to them!

“And they were probably thinking how nice everyone in Ireland is, except that grumpy one outside the coffee shop,” she added.

Matt made headlines all over the world, after being spotted out and about in the seaside town of Dalkey during lockdown.

A photo of the actor holding a SuperValu bag (apparently with his togs in it), went viral and even made the New York Times.

He returned to Ireland at the end of August with his wife and children, and spent two weeks in quarantine resuming filming with Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck in the Ridley Scott film The Last Duel.

Matt previously told radio station Spin 1038 that the Dalkey area was “one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been”.