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Jess Redden opens up about life in ‘Covid free’ Perth – after moving to Australia with Rob Kearney

The couple recently completed their mandatory 14 day quarantine


Jess Redden has opened up about life in “Covid free” Perth, after moving to Australia with her fiancé Rob Kearney.

The couple will live Down Under for the next six months, as the rugby player has signed a new contract with Australian club Western Force.

After flying into Brisbane last month, the pair had to quarantine for two weeks at a hotel, before they were allowed travel to Perth.

Jess and Rob have since settled into their new home, and the model has admitted life is dramatically different over there.

Speaking to Jennifer Zamparelli on RTÉ 2fm, Jess was asked: “Is life in Perth back to normal?”

The 28-year-old replied: “Absolutely. Perth in particular has been Covid free for over 9 months.”

Jess on the beach in Perth

Jess explained: “A really strong memory of mine is when me and Rob got off the plane, we obviously had our masks and everything on, and one of his teammates came to collect us to give us a tour…”

“And he put his hand out and I kind of looked at him like ‘what is this guy doing’ like looking at him like an alien!”

“But that expression of just kindness and welcoming will always stick out to me
because it is so normal here like nobody wears masks.”


The Dublin native revealed: “Theres been no community transmission for nearly 300 days so they totally have it under control, and it’s just so nice to be able to get back to normal living again.”


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Speaking about their two weeks of quarantine, Jennifer asked Jess if she wanted to “kill” Rob at any stage.

Jess laughed: “No, it’s so funny because I think a lot of people expect it, I mean it’s not natural to be in one room with somebody, as humans that’s just not what we’re supposed to be doing.”


“We actually got on so well, we hadn’t thought too much about it, I think often overthinking something is actually worse than the event itself, it’s like going to do your first presentation or exam you spend hours worrying and anxious about it.

“So I think the fact that we hadn’t been so worried or anxious that when it came down to it, it wasn’t as bad as you’d think.”

Jess and Rob in quarantine

When asked how they spent their days, the model explained: “It’s certainly an experience I’ll never forget, I think I personally grew a lot as a person. I learned a lot of lessons that I’ll take you know it was such an experience to slow down and express gratitude.

“In terms of how did we pass our time, scheduling our days was really important so there was no day that we woke up and said, ‘oh let’s just stay in bed and watch Netflix all day’.

“We would wake up, make our plans for the day, which revolved around mealtimes and doing some training, journaling.”

“We listen to a lot of podcasts, read some books and then caught up with friends and family from home so the days did pass quickly, now that we’re out the other side of it that is!”