Baz Ashmawy encourages people to book staycations instead of flying abroad this summer

He took to Twitter to remind people to stay safe

Kyran O'Brien

Baz Ashmawy has encouraged people to book staycations in Ireland, rather than fly abroad for their holidays.

The TV personality reminded people to stay safe, after more coronavirus restrictions were eased on Monday.

Overseas travel is set to resume next month, according to the current government roadmap.

Taking to Twitter, Baz told his followers to spend their holidays at home in Ireland.

“Have to say it’s a pity so many feel they have to jump on flights now,” he wrote.

“Ireland needs us as much as we need her. Spend your money here at home. Keep safe. Staycations all the way peeps.”

“Grand country if ya could only roof it #nobodyknowsthewayitsgoingtobe,” he added, alongside a video of Liam Gallagher singing Stand By Me.

Baz Ashmawy | Brian McEvoy

The presenter has been vocal about staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, using his platform to encourage people to call others that may be struggling during lockdown.

He also co-hosted the RTÉ Does Comic Relief event on Friday, which raised over €5 million for the Irish charity sector. 

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