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Nicky Byrne hits out at 2FM critics saying 'plenty of people said that Westlife were crap too'

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2FM host Nicky Byrne has said that criticism about his hosting skills doesn’t bother him.

The former Westlife star said that he can’t keep everyone happy, but he wants his new programme The Nicky Byrne Show on 2FM to be a success.

“You can’t keep everybody happy – when you do a job in public life people have their opinions and you are going to get a bit of stick here and there.


Happy: Nicky is happy with how is radio show is going

“Plenty of people have said Westlife were crap or whatever. It doesn’t bother you and it doesn’t stop you from getting up in the morning and doing what you do.

“It drives me on to make the show a success as best I can.”

The budding TV presenter said he and co-host Jenny Greene are working on their mistakes.

“I am a jack of all trades, master of none. If I am taking something on then I get stuck into it and one of the big things was learning how to use the equipment, run the desk, come in and out of links, do the sport, the jingles and so on.

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“So there were going to be mistakes but we have tightened them up and things are flowing now.”

“We haven’t really taken the show yet where I think it needs to go. It’s doing really well and I am happy with it but I want to go further,” he told the Irish  Mirror.

“It’s a really enjoyable job, the banter with Jenny is great and it feels like there’s a whole new beginning for 2fm,” he added.