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I'm (almost) off! George Hook to retire from broadcasting in two years

Radio host George Hook has sensationally revealed he plans to retire within two years.

The Newstalk presenter will quit his Right Hook show in September 2016 – the No1 programme on the stattion.

And the 72-year-old plans to end his RTE punditry career after the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

He said: “Today is the first day of the 12th season of the Right Hook. I never imagined that would happen.

“The Right Hook will end at the end of September 2016 if God spares me. Plan to leave TV after Rugby World Cup 2015.”


Big-hearted: George visits Haiti with RTE recently

The father-of-three has been with Newstalk since 2002, but admitted some of the abuse he receives does hurt his kids and wife Ingrid.

He said: “Some of it does affect my son. He’ll ring me up and say, ‘Have you seen what they’re saying about you’ because he’s concerned about me.

“But I’m extremely lucky because my wife doesn’t read or listen to me at all so it all goes completely over her head!

“Does it hurt? Yes, to an extent it does, because we’re all human and you’re not immune to it. But I’m big enough to take what they throw at me.”

Recently Eamon Dunphy admitted he would never retire from broadcasting until George Hook does first.


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