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98FM's Jeremy Dixon: 'Lottie Ryan would NEVER have got 2FM job if she wasn't Gerry Ryan's daughter'

Radio star Jeremy Dixon has accused RTE of “nepotism” – claiming the only way to get a job there is be related to Gerry Ryan.

The 98FM presenter – who co-hosts Dublin Talks with Adrian Kennedy – claimed that Lottie Ryan wouldn’t have a 2FM show if it wasn’t for her dad.

And shock jock Jeremy insisted: “RTE is full of nepotism. It always has been.”

He added: “Would Lottie be on air if she wasn’t Gerry Ryan’s daughter? She would never have got the job.

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Row: Jeremy – with radio partner Adrian Kennedy | VIPIRELAND.COM

“It appears to me that RTE seem to feel they owe a debt to the Ryan family, that they always have to employ them.”

However Lottie’s agent Noel Kelly has accused the 98FM host of taking “cheap shot” at Lottie – who recently landed her on show, The Early Early Breakfast, on 2FM.

Shock jock Jeremy first made the comments during a discussion on 98FM about what puts employees off hiring someone.

And when one caller told him he would never hire a relative – the outrageous presenter insisted RTE was the place for them.


Fury: Jeremy claimed Lottie wouldn’t have got job without dad | RTE

He said: “You should go for a job in RTE, they hire everyone that’s related to them in there. In fact, that’s the only way you’ll get a job in RTE is if your dad is Gerry Ryan.

“I was thinking of knocking on the doors of RTE and actually saying that my dad was Gerry Ryan.

“I’d say, ‘Hello my friends, my father was the late Gerry Ryan.’ You’d get a 20-year contract for that.”

However RTE insisted that Jeremy was totally wrong, telling the Star that “to claim that nepotism exists in RTE is untrue”.

A spokeswoman added: “Lottie Ryan has a completely different style of presentation to her dad and she stands on her own two feet as a broadcaster.”


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