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Sinead O'Connor blasts trolls after cancelled gigs backlash


Angry Sinead O’Connor has blasted online “trolls” who attacked her after doctors made her cancel a number of American gigs.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer was told she couldn’t perform after contracting a bad case of laryngitis – which would have damaged her voice if she performed.

And the Bray star took to her Facebook page after a backlash over axing the November dates.

She fumed: “Some people, not fans but trolls, have been unreasonably bitching on my Facebook page about my having cancelled the last leg of my 2013 American Kindness tour.

“Anyone feeling I merely ‘didn’t wish to perform’ may take the matter up with Dr Mark Rafferty at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, by whom I was advised on November 30th not to sing for one month.

“His extremely strong instance was that I had such an acute case of laryngitis that if I were to sing before the end of that time I would permanently lose my voice.

“Needless to say, it would have been reckless not to act upon his advice.”

And Sinead insisted that these people weren’t real fans.

She said: “I returned to work on December 10th 2013. Actual fans are not people who sit upon one’s Facebook page bitching because you followed doctor’s orders.”

She added: “Whoever abuses me for cancelling shows on doctors advice is a fool and deserves to be told to fuck off.”

Last year, Sinead had a huge feud with ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus – who compared her to troubled Amanda Bynes.