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Interview: Kodaline want to write with Niall Horan for One Direction's next album


Kodaline have revealed they want to work with Niall Horan on a song – after their collaboration with Harry Styles.

Guitarist Mark Prendergast told Goss.ie that their track with Harry is likely to be for One Direction and not the star’s solo album, as had been claimed.

But that the whole band were shocked at exactly how much music knowledge the former X Factor star has – with Mullingar’s Niall Horan next on their list to tap.

“We just wrote a song with Harry, not for his solo album. We were at a show in LA, and he came to the show, and we had another show in LA which he came to,” Mark told Goss.ie.

One Direction perform at Croke Park

Writing plan: Kodaline want to work with Niall | VIPIRELAND.COM

“He was a big fan and loved the album. We had a night off in LA, and so did he, and just said, ‘Do you want to go into the studio and write a song?’

“We just wrote a song with Harry Styles, I don’t know what it’s for. It could be for One Direction.

“He took part big time. He said he was kind of new to playing guitar and piano, but he’s got melody. He was sitting there writing lyrics and melody as much as we were.

“So it was collaborative. I’d love to do it with Niall Horan next. He came to a show in London where we got to meet him – and he’s lovely.”

And in an exclusive chat, Mark revealed how Kodaline were left shocked after discovering that cereal giants Kelloggs appeared to have ripped them off.


Shock: MarkKodaline at Golden Discs couldn’t believe similarity to advert | VIPIRELAND.COM

The Dubliner revealed how they heard it for the first time when it appeared on their Facebook – and are happy they did remove it.

“Someone posted it on my Facebook and I kind of thought it was funny. Then after a while, I was like, this is pretty, pretty similar,” he explained.

“So they took it down, which is great. They hadn’t approached us and we turned them down, it just popped up.

“I think there are companies who write songs for ads and they are told to write it like someone, I don’t know if that’s what they said.

“But we were actually recording and it just came on TV. And we all just looked at each other and went, ‘What!?’


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“I’m not saying it was identical – the lyrics were different – but it was still pretty similar. They put the ad up now with a new song, so that’s good.”

Over the last year, Kodaline have been jetting out to America and the UK – and look to be the first Irish band since The Script to properly break the US.

But Mark admitted that hasn’t translated to huge cash rewards for the band just yet – with the reality that it could be over before he knows it.

“We’re not seeing the fruits of our labour financially. It costs a lot to go to America – we have to get a bus, then get flights for 10 people, and a hotel,” he said.

“We’re not paying arenas. I’m not in a position to buy a house – I wish. I could probably buy a new guitar, but not a house.

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On stage: Kodaline performing in Guinness Storehouse

“I never know if it’s coming down the road. The music industry is fickle, it could be over in a second.”

However despite not rolling in the cash yet, Mark insisted that doesn’t matter to the group.

“Money would never motivate us. No. Music and money don’t really go – I know they do – but they shouldn’t. The last thing we think about is money,” he added.

And Mark insisted that if that day does come for Kodaline, they will still be able to relate to their audience.

“A lot of our songs are about people, and we still know those people. We still hang out with those people,” he said.

“And every time we play a song to a new crowd, and they’re singing it back, it’s new every time. Because you’re in a different room, a different country.

“It’s funny when you play in Italy or Japan and the accent is really different – that kind of shit keeps you on your toes.”

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