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Danny O'Donoghue offered counseling by bandmates when depressed or down – in bid to get songs


Danny O’Donoghue has revealed┬áhis bandmates will offer him counseling sessions when he’s down – in the hope of coaxing out a good song.

The Script star has previously opened up on splitting from his long-term girlfriend, and is expected to sing about his mum nearly dying earlier this year from a brain aneurysm.

Now the Dublin group are coming back with their new album – No Sound Without Silence – in September.

And Danny, 33, said it was an emotional process coming up with the lyrics for the upcoming record.

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“Songs can happen at any moment. You can have it over a cup of tea or a glass of whiskey,” he said.

“We just exchange ideas and talk about things that are affecting us in our life. And that’s always the way the best songs come out.

“And if there’s something that really bothers me, and the lads can see it, they try to coax the conversation around to that to finding out what that is.

“And I think in a horrible twist of fate, it’s like I’m helping a friend but I’m also getting a great idea for a song. You commandeer the bad feelings and try to make something good out of it and pray on our emotions.

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“And that’s the most powerful thing about music – and why we got into music in the first place – it’s a place for that. It’s a place for anger, it’s a place for pain, it’s a place for sadness. It’s also a place for happiness and feeling elevated as well.”


He added that you have to “live life” to put a record together, adding: “If your heart’s not in the song, you won’t be able to perform it on stage. We buy into that so much, that element of emotive songs and lyrics.”

They will first be making their return with new track Superheroes, which will be premiered around the world on Monday.

Speaking as part of their album unveiling, Danny also revealed that they shot the video for Superheroes – which they only have performed once live – in a South African slum near Johannesburg.

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“It’s really heartbreaking because it’s really poverty stricken. We wanted to go and find out if we just set up a stage in Alexander, played a song, what affect would it have on people we believe are real superheroes?

“And we just did, we just set up the stage at 4pm, we started to play Superheroes and in the township alone people would start walking up in their hundreds.

“Eventually by 10pm that night, people were on top of houses, on top of traffic lights, they were lighting flares. It was an absolute festival vibe there that day and nothing but happiness because we had been warned going into the place that you have to be careful going in.”