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The Top 7 Films From Garry Marshall


Garry Marshall mainly worked in television, but has a huge list of hit films behind him.

News sadly broke today that the famed director had passed away, with many stars paying tribute to him through social media.

Hollywood has clearly been rocked by the loss of such an accomplished director, so in honour of this – we’ve listed some our fave movies of his, and there’s some absolute classics in there!


1. Princess Diaries 1 & 2

the princess diaries

Garry was the man behind the camera who shot the heartwarming classic series.

Based on the young adult novels, the Princess Diaries follow teenager Mia Thermopolis as she comes to grips with swapping out her average San Francisco life for one of European royalty.

In the first film, we see Mia get a drastic make-over and come to terms with her royal title as princess of the Genovia.

In second film, we see her travel to the made up European country to prepare to take over the throne and find a husband while hilariously tackling her royal duties.

They’re both on Netflix – so be sure to check them out if you’ve been living under a rock.


2. Valentines Day

valentines day

Valentines Day was one of the original rom coms that follows the hectic love lives of about a dozen people.

The film follows the lives of intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles as they break-up and make-up.

The happenings is all based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day.

Definitely a guilty classic of ours!


3. Raising Helen

raising helen

A Kate Hudson classic, Raising Helen was one of the best films of the noughties.

Helen is the youngest sister of her family and lives her life on the dge.

But after her sister and brother-in-law die in a car accident, she becomes the guardian of their three children.

The heart-warming film is like a coming-of-age film for those of use who live as teenagers until we’re in our mid 30s.


4. Pretty Woman

pretty woman

You simple can NOT make a list of Garry’s best pieces of work without mentioning the film that made him famous.

Pretty Woman is one of the best, if not the best, film of the 90s staring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, who he has worked with on multiple films.

The romantic comedy tells the story of how a man in a legal but mean business needs an escort for some of his various events and hires a beautiful prostitute he meets – only for the two to fall in love.

The film has some classic scenes, such as Julia’s sassy shopping splurge.

It’s on Netflix, so if you haven’t seen it, you need to right this second.


5. The Runaway Bride

runaway bride

Featuring two of Garry’s favourites, he re-casted Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in The Runaway Bride.

The romantic comedy follows a reporter (Richard) as he interviews a woman (Julia) who has left a string of fiances at the alter.

But of course, the reporter falls in love with the woman too and has the same fear that she’ll leave him at the alter too.


6. The Flamingo Kid

the flamingo kid

One of Garry’s more unknown films, the Flamingo Kid is an 80s favourite.

The coming-of-age rom com stars Hollywood hunk Matt Dillon when he was only 20 years old, it follows teen Jeffrey Willis struggle to deal with life after high school.

Getting a job at the Flamingo club, he meets a successful car dealer who tells him all about how he can make a fortune.


7. Georgia Rule

georgia rule

The comedy drama Georgia Rule is the coming-of-age story of a rebellious teen and stars Lindsey Lohan and Jane Fonda.

Lindsey’s character Rachel screams, swears, and drinks and is simply uncontrollable.

She’s then set to live with her grandmother for the summer in Idaho who lives near a Mormon community.

A rebel living beside a strict Mormon community is only asking for trouble.