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Selena Gomez admits to cosmetic procedure after confirming her relationship with Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez admits to having a cosmetic procedure done after she confirmed her relationship with singer, Benny Blanco.

The singer shocked fans on Thursday night by revealing her secret romance with the 35-year-old, who is a longtime friend and collaborator of her ex Justin Bieber.

The actress first shared the news when she commented “facts” under a post from fan account Popfaction that said, “Selena Gomez Seemingly Confirms That She Is in a Relationship.”

Taking to Instagram, Selena clapped back at one user who made critical comments about her appearance, under the post from the Popfaction account.

One wrote: “Remove your cheek fillers/implants. It’s messing with your brain,” to which Selena replied: “Hahahaha I’ve had Botox bb girl.”

The singer has never before shared if she has ever gone under the knife.

Under the same post,  the songstress proceeded to defend her relationship with Benny, after fans started questioning their romance.

In one comment, Selena gushed that Benny is her “absolute everything,” and claimed he is “the best thing that’s ever happened” to her.

“He is my absolute everything in my heart,” she wrote in one comment, before replying to one fan: “then why has he been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The end.”

To another user, Selena insisted: “lol yeah and he’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Facts.”

In a fourth comment, the 31-year-old also told fans: “He has treated me better than any human being on this planet.”

Selena then fired back at another user: “I don’t understand. If you actually care about me. This is my happiest. If you don’t feel free to say whatever you want. But I will never allow your words to guide my life. Ever. I’m done. If you can’t accept me at my happiest then don’t be in [m]y life at all.”


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