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This is how much friendships can have a positive impact on your health and happiness

New research shows that 93 per cent of Irish people believe that friendships have a positive impact on their health.

Benecol’s newest campaign celebrates friendships and the relationships that make us happier and healthier, as our friends and loved ones are often the people that encourage us to look after ourselves and our well-being.

The brand’s ‘That Caring Friend’ campaign is timely as the World Health Organization recently launched an international commission to combat loneliness, which can be as bad for people’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

New research from Benecol, a yoghurt drink that has been proven to lower cholesterol, found that 97% of Irish people agree that friendships have a positive impact on your happiness, while 93% agree that friendships have a positive impact on your health.

A further 70% of respondents agree that they have taken positive action for their health because a friend encouraged them to do so.

This follows a recent global survey, from across 142 countries, that found that almost 1 in 4 (24%) people aged 15 and older felt very or fairly lonely.

Benecol celebrates the ways that social connections in our lives have a real, tangible impact on our health.

Laura O’Connell, Marketing Manager of Raisio Group shared: “Our new campaign for Benecol ‘That Caring Friend’ is based on the insight that friendships make us happier and healthier.

“That social connection that comes from friendships brings so much joy and support into our lives.

“Friends also play an important role in motivating us to take better care of ourselves, go to the doctor, get that cholesterol test and ultimately invest in your own health and sometimes we all need that encouragement.”

Benecol’s ‘That Caring Friend’ campaign sees Deirdre O’Kane meet a number of duos who talk to her about the impact their friend or loved one has had on their health, and why that relationship matters so much to them.

One pair includes Currabinny foodie William Murray who recently discovered he has high cholesterol, as he chats to Deirdre with his partner James Kavanagh who encouraged him to get himself checked.

The series sees Deirdre speak with two other pairs, and hear their story.


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Speaking of the campaign, Deirdre said: “Relationships with friends and loved ones are so important to me so I was delighted to work on this project with Benecol.

“I turn to those closest to me to celebrate, to commiserate, for comfort, and for fun. It’s no surprise to me that friendships don’t just make us feel good, they are good for us.

“I know first hand that I’m more likely to book that doctor’s appointment when I get a little bit of encouragement from my friends and family. It’s so important to look out for each other especially when it comes to our health.”


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