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EXCLUSIVE! Michelle Doherty reveals acting pushed her back to work


Michelle Doherty took a break from the industry to have her son but now acting has brought her back to work with the release of her new movie The Hit Producer.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie, the mum-of-one admitted she took a one-year career break since to raise her son Max.

“Do you know what I kind of took the year out because I had my son and stuff like that, he was my priority, but I guess when something like this comes up now,” she said.

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The presenter revealed that getting the lead role in the upcoming movie The Hit Producer has given her the push to get back to work.

“It gives you that boost of confidence again that you believe in yourself again and just go right, what would I like to do next now

“So I just suppose I just have to start thinking about what I want to do now,” she admitted.

The former Xpose presenter revealed her love of acting comes from being able to take on a completely different persona.


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“I think I love the acting side of it because you get to take on this completely different character,” she told Goss.ie.

The Hit Producer tells the story of Katelin (Michelle) a struggling movie producer who gets herself into a tangled web with a gang-lord.

“There are similarities, she is protecting her family as well and I’m a bit like that if anybody went near my family,

“I’d be like do not but I suppose we’re all a bit like that, protect them as much as we can” she added.

The Hit Producer will hit Movies at Dundrum on the 17th of October.