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Nadia Forde reveals her boyfriend Dominic Day gives her 'confidence'

Nadia Forde has revealed that her rugby star boyfriend Dominic Day gives her confidence, rather than her recent weight loss boosting her ego.

The Irish model recently moved in with her Welsh rugby player beau over in the UK, and their relationship appears to be stronger than ever with Nadia putting her new found confidence down to her Dominic’s influence.

“I think the confidence comes from Dom and having that side of my life going really good,” she gushed.

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Looking good: Nadia has been working out a lot lately after revealing she lost two stone | INSTAGRAM

“I still have my own place in London, but we’re living together now.

“It’s only a recent thing. It just kind of happened naturally; he didn’t want me to go home so that was it,” she said.

While the brunette beauty remains independent and still has her own place in London, she says that moving in together just makes sense as she’s always away for work.

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Happy: Nadia has moved in with her rugby player boyfriend as it ‘makes sense’ | INSTAGRAM

“It’s good with my job because I travel, so when I’m not working it’s nice to have that base with him,” she told the Herald.

“I could be gone for six weeks and he doesn’t get to see me, so it kind of makes sense to live together, so at least when I’m off I’m with him.”

Meanwhile, Nadia recently admitted that she shed two stone due to cutting out bad food and booze.


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