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Here’s what is coming to Netflix this weekend

We've got your weekend plans sorted!


Looking for something new to watch this weekend? Netflix has got you covered.

The streaming giant is adding a host of new shows and films over the next three days, promising to keep you entertained while staying safe at home.

Take a look at our top picks:


Assane Diop’s life was turned upside down as a teenager, when his father died after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

25 years later, he is inspired the work of world-famous gentleman thief and master of disguise Arsène Lupin to avenge his father.

The first season joins Netflix on Friday, January 8.

Pretend It’s A City

Author Fran Lebowitz provides a guide to New York City, weighing in on tourists, money, subways, the arts, and the not-so-simple act of walking in Times Square.

Directed by Academy Award Winner Martin Scorsese, the upcoming docuseries features seven episodes.

Pretend It’s A City joins Netflix on Friday, January 8.

Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons (Season 5)

Raphael Rowe, who spent years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, volunteers to go behind bars in the Philippines, Greenland and South Africa.

Giving a real-life looked inside one of the toughest prisons in the world, prisoners, prison guards, and people connected to the prison system will tell their story.

This gripping prison documentary joins Netflix on Friday, January 8.

Gogglebox (Season 5)

Season five of the popular reality show is joining Netflix this week, bringing viewers into the living rooms of some of the UK’s most beloved families.

These everyday families watch and react to familiar entertainment shows and classic films, leaving viewers in both tears and laughter.

The fifth season joins Netflix on Sunday, January 10.

Instant Family

Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne star as parents decide to adopt a teenage girl in this family comedy.

However, life turns challenging when they realise Lizzy has two more siblings.

Instant Family hits Netflix on Sunday, January 10.