Home Video WATCH: Irish take on Supernanny is GAS

WATCH: Irish take on Supernanny is GAS

CCCahoots sketch features Ireland's worst nanny


Irish YouTube channel CCCahoots have created their own take on Supernanny – and it’s gas.

The popular tv show, which made professional nanny Jo Frost a household name, started off in the UK and was then brought to the US following it’s success.

As the Supernanny comes to a Cork couple’s home who are dealing with some troublesome kids, she reveals that she’s double-booked – but she has a fella who can help them out.

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Double-booked: The Supernanny was able to help – but she had a spare pair of hands | YOUTUBE

Garry, dressed in the standard nanny uniform, came into the family’s home and helps sort out their problem children – but little lad Finn manages to win him over.

And if you need a hand with the children in your life, CCCahoots left their nanny’s number on the screen.

Watch the gas video below.